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Balenciaga blacklists Vogue

It stands to reason the relationship between media and brands is peaceful coexistence, mutual benefit.Even if there is a dispute between the two sides,the brand give in,especially in the face of those powerful media.Who would be against"fashion bible"!But this year,the brand has put the media dragged into the blacklist.This brand is not weak,it is prestigious Balenciaga,but the media is also a great progenitor - the French Vogue.

On the Paris Fashion Week,it always sat in the front row of the editor in chief Carine Roitfeld and her team disappeared.Later at Nina Ricci's show Carine Roitfeld said:"we were blacklisted,it is horrible,Balenciaga is so wonderful brand, and is French.I hope that it is not forever."She also said that later Balenciaga ads does not appera on Vogue and Vogue will not borrow its clothes.In this regard, she did not give an explanation,she only said:"ask Balenciaga".At the same time, Balenciaga's spokesman would not respond in any way.

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