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Balenciaga new shoes

Balenciaga 2010 Fall T stage launched new shoes which is full of playful element:the same block as the building blocks cutting the organization to fight together, using the soft candy colors. In winter to see such a pink-blue green, it should be heart will feel as happy!

Balenciaga shoes evolutionary history review:
The introduction of 2010 spring and summer series, the designer said he wanted to do some city-style suitable for contemporary design. Show field models were wearing exposed toe sandals unique style, has burst on the scene futuristic.
2010 Holiday Series Balenciaga shoes still holds the spring and summer series of exposed toe design, more modern elements,either leather or fabric weave patterns are coupled with stylish exquisite waterproof platform soles.
In 2010 early autumn series Balenciaga shoes,we can see models are wearing waterproof high-heeled boots that made of metal, leather and wood samples of materials putting together deduce fashion,inspired by the French industrial designer Charlotte Perriand.

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