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Candy colors bag style battle

Candy colored accessories in the spring and summer always been different kind of welcome, small earrings and other jewelry are a bit eye effects, ranging from bags and other accessories let you dress dazzling whole.

Balenciaga blue motorcycle handbag
Sky-blue bring you summer ocean fresh breath,motorcycle style has a little more mature taste,no matter be tie-in skirt or trousers are highlighted grace.

ChloƩ yellow backpack
Elegant neutral ChloƩ yellow backpack, classic style, with the atmosphere without losing the connotation of characteristics,practical hand carry and single back design,send out a special feminine flavour.

Red bow bag + folding design is very bright, if your family clothes mostly in black and white, choose a red bag would be a good choice, but red to match the color and the clothes are also very much. Meanwhile, the red envelope of fashion flavor is very strong, and ultimately achieving the effect must be very praise!

Straight and narrow style, classic will not be out of date, suitable for elegant and sophisticated woman.

Coach Sequin Spotlight pink package
Pink color Representative of romantic girl,practical dual-use bags,liberality not losing nifty cute,trendy fashion you must not miss the classic style.


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